Monday, September 19, 2011

Beat From HTC Will Be A Personal Media Player

The Galaxy Player did not take off as expected.  This phone-less market is largely owned by the iPod touch.  But that has not kept HTC from having a go at it.

The HTC Beat could be just what's needed to get the youngings expected about Android and give Google's mobile platform a fight chance against the entrenched iPod touch in the entertainment realm.  It'll have a full Android experience as well as Beats Audio's sounds.

However, there is very little information about the Beat at this time.  Here's a pic of it from a German HTC fan site (sourced from Android Guys).

I think a lot of folks would love to have the Android experience but the expensive voice and data plans. Personally, I'm expecting this to be huge if a few things happen.  HTC has to position the Beat with some high-end specs.  That's what Apple does with the iPod touch.  I like to see 4"-4.5" screen, dual-core CPU, and 16-32 GB of storage.

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