Monday, September 19, 2011

How Can Nintendo Compete with $49 Xperia Play? It Cannot

Earlier, on Clouding Around, we mentioned just how the iPod touch was going to makes things difficult for Nintendo and the 3DS.  Well, that was just one side of the mobile market.  Then, there is the other side.

Take this Xperia Play deal from AT&T for $49.  I know that while the 3DS at $170 doesn't require a two-year commitment, most mobile gamers today already have a smartphone that they game on.  And Play at less than $50 is just what Nintendo doesn't want to have to deal with in the marketplace.

Furthermore, besides the iPod touch, HTC's Beat could also be the beginning of a new Android assault on mobile warriors who would like to enjoy the mobile experience but who are unwilling or cannot affording the monthly plan for a phone.

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