Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Beware: Fake Google+ Is A Malware

There is a new app that looks like the Google+ that calls itself "Google++" with an extra plus but there is nothing extra nice about it.

Instead, it's a malware that intercepts phone calls and records them.

Yesterday, I praised the environment that Google has provided Android users for apps and the freedom to change themes and UI.  I noted how Mozilla can offer a beta version of its mobile Firefox app. And beta versions of any app is definitely something you'll never see in Apple's iPhone app store.

Still, this openness does create opportunity for the dark side of mobile experience.

No only does Google++ record calls, it also sends back to a remote server GPS locations and has the potential to steal e-mails and other pertinent information about the users.

CNET has provided instructions on how to uninstall it if an user has already downloaded this malware.

Scary stuff...price of freedom I guess.

Source: Android Community Via CNET.

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