Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Free Music If You're An Android User Who Pays For $60 Plan On MetroPCS

This is music to Android user's hear:  Rhapsody will be free from MetroPCS users.  But not to all.

If you're a paying users with the $60 plan, you also get access to Rhapsody for free.  According to Phandroid, that's 12 million songs for you to stream from.

And since the $60 plan offers unlimited Web access, it's just that much sweeter.  According to MetroPCS, you still have to sign up for the deal.  It would be nice if you simply get it automatically.

But hey, what's a couple of extra steps to get it.

And you have available the $60 LTE plan as well.  It's not bad.  Unfortunately for me, the talk is that my area is very spotty still.  But if you're game, you ought to check it out.

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