Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Firefox 6 Beta In Android Market - Say What You Will, Can't Say That About Windows Phone Or Apple's iOS App Store

Mozilla has just released Firefox 6 beta into the Android Market.  The previous versions were okay but I never really used it much.  I am sticking with the native browser on Android.  It's a matter of convenience.

Mozilla offers add-ons and API for developers.

Seriously, folks, say what you will, this can only happen with Android, the only mobile platform that is easy for something like this to happen.  Now, Android isn't open-sourced like how we like to think of it.  Still, you'll never find a beta app in WP or iPhone app stores.  Neither Apple or Microsoft would ever allow this to happen.

Now, there are certainly pitfalls for having a more open environment.  But for many people who like that freedom, it doesn't get any better than Android.  And honestly, there really is no other mobile platform that can compete with Android in this respect.

One of the things happening is that Google getting a better handle of the Android Market.  That does mean tighter control in some respect.  And with the buyout of Motorola Mobility, Google will gain even tighter control.

However, the marketplace should continue to allow legitimate developers to innovate and bring richer mobile experiences to users.

You can see for yourself what FF 6 will offer.  All around a better mobile browsing experience.

Source:  Android Community.

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