Thursday, May 14, 2009

Quick Notes: Android Sites And Future Android Updates

With On Android here, I tries to advocate the advancement of a mobile platform that I think can change what direction our increasingly mobile society is headed. At Onxo, that's where we discuss general mobile computing and gaming and issues pertaining to wireless news and opinions in general.

We love our readers which is why we also want you to visit some of our favorite Android sites that we keep an eye on. Perhaps you'll want to put them in your rss reader or Google Reader.

Here are a couple that we track religiously:
Then you've got your Engadget, Gizmodo, and other general tech blogs. There are others and we'll add the ones that we think you'll find useful and like. Hopefully, once Android 1.5 is in my hand (as well as others), we'll see more activities.

Meanwhile there is just one thing I like to suggest to Google and the other Android partners. I really wish with future updates, they would allow us to download the future OS directly to our PC and create a mechanism for update that way.

Early, we pointed you to TmoNews for the update schedule. Since I preordered my G1, I'm hoping T-Mobile has a first-come-first-served updating scheme that depends on when you bought your G1. And if that's how it works great. If not, I hate to be the Android folks who getupdate their 10 days after everyone else.

Note: Android Site has posted a guide for brave 'droids who are in a hurry to get to Android 1.5. It looks a bit hairy and it's not exactly what I'm talking about when I wrote above about do-it-yourself upgrade.

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