Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Installing Cupcake, UK Version - Know Way Of Knowing

For those of you who got G1 in the UK, congrats. For those of you who have upgraded to Cupcake in the UK, double congrats.

For us across the Pond, we have a few more days. Actually, worse still is that we have been waiting since last week. But there is a solution. We can install the UK version via these instructions from on the
T-Mobile forum.

I was going to take one for the team and upgrade to Cupcake but as I read more, I'm not sure I like the idea of flashing back and forth. But I'm putting this out there for G-oners (not "goners") who are more technically savy. I usually rely on Dave the Mobile Warrior to undo any kind of damage I do to my mobile devices, laptops, or the space-time continuum.

Personally, I preach patience in this matter. After all, Donut is on the horizon and Cupcake is simply something to hold us over until Android 2.0. And if what's being blogged about it is true, Android 2.0 should have been the Android that shipped with G1 (as you know, it's my belief that the original iPhone users were paying beta-testers for Apple while G1 users were willing paying beta testers for Google and HTC).

Meanwhile, here are a couple of video of UI running on Android.

This video was provided by Android Guys. They're not sure if this is a skin, mod, or something more official. But still, it's definitely something that we expected when we decided to dedicate to the gPhone. Just a short note on the UI in the video. Already, at least one blog has said this could be what'll knock the Pre out of the game, not the iPhone. Wow...

Source: Android Guys

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