Thursday, January 8, 2009

Skype Coming to Android in Days

This is terrific news!  And it's only for Java-enabled mobile devices like the G1.

According to their presentation at CES, Skype will be uploading it to Google and it should be available for download in a few days.  Hopefully by this weekend.  I'm totally going nuts now.  

Take that, T-Mobile.  We don't need your stinking 3G restriction.  Watch me lower my plans from now on.  Anyway, I just had to take a shot at the mobile carrier (I take shots at ATT and Verizon at Onxo and On Apple all the time).  

So, what are we getting?
  • International calls to Skype contacts
  • SkypeOut to folks not on Skype
  • IM - this is a given.  
There was a curious passage from CNet's post?  "Skype Lite will process calls to the United Kingdom, Poland, Brazil (Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo), Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Australia, and New Zealand, and will also work for calls made in the U.S".  If Anyone knows what that means, I love to know.  I'm assuming Skype Lite will you make calls anywhere to anyone.  

Note:  A very robust version is available for Windows Mobile.  Skype is currently not available on the iPhone (G1 beats iPhone on this) but is available via Fring.

Source:  CNET 

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