Friday, January 23, 2009

Android Update

Word on th blogs is that an Android update is coming.  There's a name for it.  There are even screen shots.  Just as on Onxo and On Apple, we don't traffic in anything but concrete data though we certain have no qualm about wild speculations and such.

Where am I coming from on Android and my beloved but subpar G1?  Let me first say that I'm one of the first mobile warriors to have a G1.  3G.  Sure, love it!  But at the time I went from an iPhone to a G1.  Folks, Android shows promise but is not the iPhone.  Let's be honest.  But I've got a lot of hope for what Google and company will be able to develop and improve on what we're getting currently from T-Mobile.

In the next few months, Android will not only be going up against the iPhone 3G and Storm as has been in the last quarter but it'll have to go up again resurging Palm's Pre (assuming Apple doesn't sue them out of oblivion). 

From what I've seen, the Palm Pre could be going after the same folks G1 has been going after.  Pre will be debuting on a fledgling network, Sprint, just as G1 did on T-Mobile (not as in bad a shape as Sprint).  Just as the G1 was a stopgap against the iPhone, the Pre will be preforming the same role for Sprint, against everyone else.

However, Pre feels new, fresh, and fast.  And the form looks pretty cool.  G1, well, is a bit beta-ish.  And this is why I'm hoping with the new Android update, we'll finally get out of beta and see promises of Android fulfilled.

Once we get the update and have had a chance to play with it, then I think I'll finally write my G1 review.  But I hope there are a few features I like to see coming out of this update:
  • Background apps.  Right now, not all the apps run in the background as it should.  Since Android's native IM doesn't stay logged in, I tried with Meebo.  No luck there.  Strangely, other apps like Twidroid and DoggCatcher had no problems running in the background. 
  • Fix IM - my gTalk account is able to stay connected.  I'm sure everyone else would like to see their Yahoo, MSN, or AOL Messenger accounts stay connected as well.  Not everyone use gTalk.  Not everyone who has a Google account use gTalk.
  • Leaner OS.  More optimization.  My G1 runs out of memory from time to time and it takes more time to go from task to task, app to app.
  • Ability to use more than one Google account.
  • Better e-mail implementation.  
  • Somehow, squeeze more out of the battery or greater efficiency.  I'm charging the G1 twice a day and, luckily, I am always near an outlet.  
  • On screen in put.  A keyboard.  
  • Better calculator.  It's not something I should have to download a 3rd party app for an adequate calculator.
  • Not really Android related but here's hoping future G1 or other Android phones will have more than just 1GB of memory.
  • More crisp touch implementation.  Multi-touch would be nice (to be implemented without being sued by Apple).  More and more games are coming that may require touch and variety of gestures.
 We'll know soon how much improvement my G1 will offer.

Note:  Anyone interested in an Android-based phone, it's my opinion that you wait a bit and see what the new update offers.  We might be surprised with a new Android phone. 

Another note:  Some good news.  App development on the Android seems to be picking up steam.

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