Saturday, October 11, 2008

Video of G1 Demo

We've been ignoring Android a bit lately.

There really has not be a lot to talk about last week that I want to waste my fellow mobile warriors' time on.  But things appear to be heating up as we get closer to October 22nd.

Here is a video from Tmo-News via iPhonesavor.  Must watch.  Also visit them for their comments and analysis if you're in the market for a G1.

Here is an early review that someone posted with Tmo-News.  My guess is they're T-Mobile employees.  Here are links to the video's original site.  Just read for analysis.

  • Tmo-News
  • iPhonesavor - also has pics with the iPhone as comparison.  G1 is one big boy.  Still, I look forward to mine on 11 days!

Come back later this weekend for updates on Android and G1 happenings.  And definitely come back on 22nd for my reviews!

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