Wednesday, October 1, 2008

EA Games Coming To Android

I'm a big iPhone/iPod Touch game fan.  I've bought over $200 worth of games (not including non-game apps) for my i-devices since the app store went life.

So, I was heartened to learn that EA will be bring its games over to the Android platform.  However, that won't happen until Android's main overlord, Google, implements the ability for vendors to charge for the app.

Regardless, it is good to see there is tier one support for the platform.

However, I find gaming on the iPhone to be much more unique and the jury is still out for me on whether I will be buying games for my G1 since I view it mainly as a "work" device than a fun device like my iPhone.  I'll decide when the time comes.

Free games, that's another story.  Still looking for a good Pokemon-like or other DS-like RPG games though.  I haven't seen anything like that on the iPhone yet.

Via Gizmodo and Pocket Gamer

Note:  Fact that the payment system for Android isn't ready confirms what I've thought all along.  Those of us who bought into G1 are beta testers.

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