Monday, October 17, 2011

Not Surprising Xoom To Get Ice Cream Sandwich Update; But No Word On Min Specs For Android 4

We should learn in the coming days more information about Ice Cream Sandwich.  However, it is creating some anxiety among Android bloggers and many users.  All along, I've told friends that if you want Ice Cream Sandwich sooner rather than later, go with the Nexus Prime that is probably going to go on sale in November.

I think many current high-end Android devices with dual-core CPU will definitely be capable of running Ice Cream Sandwich I would not care to wager when carriers and device makers will make that happen.

However, it doesn't appear that Ice Cream Sandwich will have a wholesale change, which in my book, means that even lower-end single core devices should see some Android 4 love.  Cyanogenmod community ought to make it happen.

Having said all that, I've considered one thing.  Maybe if I want to get the latest Android update quicker, and I mean official update, maybe I ought to go with Motorola rather than HTC or Samsung.  I think the answer is obvious.

Motorola is/will be a subsidiary of Google.  And no matter what Google have said about its intentions about Android, it is rather unthinkable that Google would not play favorites with Motorola.  Hence, this Ubergizmo post (please click over as I've left most of the details about this out - and they work so hard writing us that post) that Xoom will be the first tablet to get Ice Cream Sandwich makes a lot of sense.

In summary, we need to hear from Google what the min specs for Ice Cream Sandwich are, how will the codes get distributed, and what arrangements have Google made with carriers and device makers to bring it to the masses.

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