Tuesday, October 18, 2011

No Siri Answer in Android 4?

Android 4 is finally official. If anything, is Google effort to merge the smart phone and the tablet OS back into one. There are some cosmetic user interface improvements that I think many users will appreciate.

What other thing that has been all the rage lately is Siri. Siri, if you do not know, is Apple's voice intelligence assistant. And if I may say so, it's a pretty neat feature. I think it's a revolutionary and very excited because of its potential.

I have kind of expected Google would have an answer for that. Did any any of you see it?

I know that there is better voice integration. However, I will need to watch the video myself of the Android 4 and Galaxy Nexus event.

I get the feeling that I will not see you Siri answer from Google. Still I'm sure Google will develop something into time.

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