Wednesday, October 19, 2011

If The Nexus S Costs $550 Off Contract, How Much Will Galaxy Nexus Cost?

I am just trying to extrapolate and see envision just now much the Galaxy Nexus will cost.  I went online and found the Nexus S 4G costs $550 on Sprint.  Does this mean that the GN will cost around the same or more because of its beefier specs?

Well, the Galaxy Nexus is a much more improved device than the Nexus S.  So, it's likely it could command a premium most other Android devices cannot.  So instead of using the previous Nexus as a model, I thought I might go with something more recent.

So, I looked up Verizon's Droid Bionic.  The retail price is $590 on Verizon's website, $40 more than the aging Nexus S.

I figure the GN should cost about $600 or so.  If we're lucky, we might see $550 if Google is agressive in trying to push out Android 4.

Why is that?  The Galaxy Nexus is probably the best device on the market.  Specs-wise, it rivals the iPhone and even surpasses it in some areas.  Furthermore, the GN will be the only Android 4 device on the market for some time.  Given how slow some Android device makers are with updates, current smartphones on the market could be waiting a while before they get Android 4 devices.

So far, we don't have concrete information on what other Android devices will sport Android 4 coming out of the gate.  Even the just introduced Droid RAZR yesterday will have Android 2.3.5, not Android 4.

So, if you want Android 4, the Galaxy Nexus will be the only game in town for a while.  Let's just hope Google is in a generous mood.  You can probably get the Galaxy Nexus on contract for $300.

Personally, I'm hoping to get it off contract for $550 or less.  I know, wishful thinking.

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