Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How Much Will Galaxy Nexus Cost Off Contract? $500? $600? Higher?

We're likely a couple of weeks away from being able to buy the Galaxy Nexus.  I'm gonna be honest with you. I don't like getting contracts and I'm gonna stop once my Verizon chain is broken.  There is plenty of new plans I can go with with other carriers that offer better flexibility.

So, now I'm all about what the off-contract prices of my devices are going to cost me.

Well, one device I've been eyeing was the Droid RAZR.  But after the Galaxy Nexus came out, I started to drool over this new Nexus and its 720p screen.  Well, we now know that the RAZR will cost $650 off contract.

So, how much will the Galaxy Nexus cost?  $500?  $600?  Higher?

I get the sneaking feeling it'll be around $600, possibly $650 like the RAZR.  The already "aging" Bionic already cost $590.  However, the Galaxy S II costs $500 over at Sprint.  And the Nexus S was available for $530.

So, I''m not optimistic that we'll see the Galaxy Nexus in the $500 range.  It'll probably be closer to $650.  However, in light of competition from the iPhone 4S, I can see Google and Samsung trying to get as many of the new Nexus devices into user hands, on or off contract.

So, maybe with all of the above reasons I mentioned, we just might see it available for $600.

And for those will be getting it with a contract, $300 seems more likely. It is an LTE device.  The diff between the RAZR and Nexus is that the RAZR has a better camera but the Nexus has the awesome 720p screen.

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