Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Android 4 Makes It Easier For Users To Extend Life Of Their Devices

I don't know about you but waiting for carriers to give us what is rightfully ours is like watching paint dry.  And with Android 4, I have a good feeling that things could be better now.  All of this, thanks to Google bringing back the smartphone and tablet split in the Android OS back into one.

Pic from Forbes.

I was never really big in those tablets based on Android smartphone OS even if it's based on the latest version. The reason being that you could not upgrade to Honeycomb.  I know folks have tried and without the smoothness that Android 3.x was meant to give the user the experiences.

Now, with Android 4, that could all change.  Just based on what is coming from Google and some device makers, it does appear more devices will be eligible for Ice Cream Sandwich than anyone initially thought.

According to CNET, a Google rep told them that while there are no specific hardware requirements, most devices sold in the last couple of years should be fine.  I'm sure that is the official statement that was released for the general public consumption.

However, projects like Cyanogenmod should be able to get ICS working on more devices because their elite effort has a way of stripping out stuff that are not necessary to the basic OS operations, giving life to older Android devices.

Only time will tell but I'm very optimistic...in the home brew guys.  Not so much in the hardware guys.  But we'll see.

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