Thursday, September 8, 2011

Would You Pay $1000 for a Galaxy Note?

Anyone out there digging the Samsung Galaxy Note, the 5.3" phone-tablet hybrid?  Yup.  Me am!  But not at a cost of $1000.  That just how much the Europeans will be paying for.  To be exactly, its more - $1066 and $1133 in Denmark and Finland respectively.  It'll "only" be $929 in Sweden.  

It'll proablably be a couple of hundred bucks less if the 5.3", 1280x800, dual core Note makes its way to the US but at say $700-800, that's a lot.  I don't see a lot of carriers would be interested in this.  The market for this would be even less.

It makes sense if Samsung can release the note as a Wi-Fi only version.  Price it for around $300, I think there could be a lot of interested parties. I know I would be one of them.

Source:  GottaBeMobile

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