Thursday, September 8, 2011

Google Needs To Streamline Motorola's Phones; Learn from Samsung

Here is Motorola's Facebook phone via Techcrunch as it is called because there is a dedicated button just for Facebook.  Larry Page has to kill this before it goes to the market. Why?  When Motorola was doing well with Droid, it was because it was simple.  It had one hardcore mobile device that users can relate to.  

Now with tens of models, who really can figure out which model is perfect and which model can do what.  Take page of out Samsung's playbook.

Samsung makes tons of different Android models but it has one main high end line everyone knows about:  Galaxy.  Unfortunately, for Google, the Droid brand belongs to Verizon.  Fortunately, Google can come up with their own branding.

Droid is too dude-ish.  I was thinking "Chrome" but it is also way too dude-ish.  Regardless what of new branding, Google needs to simply things for Motorola.  Motorola certainly won't do it all by itself.  

And this Facebook phone doesn't even run Android. What's that about?!

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