Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sharp Had a 5.5" Tablet?! Why Did Anyone Tell Me?

Sharp makes TV.  I know they make phones but I had no idea they made tablets.  They had a 5.5" tablet but now it's too late.  They've discontinued their 5.5" and 10.8" verions of their Galapagos tablets.

According to Sharp, they were discontinued because the hardware specs were not outdated.  I hope it isn't just pulic speaking talk and it really is a case of outdated tech.  I hope to see top Android devices running on 5-6" tablets.

More recently, Samsung Galaxy Note with its 5" screen had me very excited.  However, it was also a phone but I reckon it's not something for me.  If Sharp will become out with a 5.5" tablet with updated specs, I'll be all over it.

I hope they also update them with a more modern look like the iPad or Galaxy Tab 10.1".

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