Thursday, September 15, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9” Goes For $470 at Best Buy

As the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9” goes on sale for $470 at Best Buy, you have to ask yourself would you get this or the 10.1” version for about $20 more.  For me the choice is simple.  It’s not about the price but how well one of the two best fit with my mobile needs.

However, the general public could be confused by this.  I know why Samsung is doing this.  It probably cost Samsung less to make the 8.9” version pricing it at $470, it’ll give them a higher margin.  And that’s assuming folks will go for it.  And if not and people end up choosing the 10.1” version, that’s fine with them too.

I disagree with this. We want to maximize the number of Android tablets in people’s hands and such pricing game doesn’t do that.  If anything, it adds to the confusion and drives user away.  I’m sure Asus and Acer would gladly sell them their $400 tablets.

Even then, more people are still buying iPads.

Samsung’s Galaxy brand has gained traction.  It’s time that Samsung think differently and attack the tablet more sensibly.  As it is now, the 10.1" Galaxy Tab offers the best value and package.

Source:  Android Community.

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