Friday, August 5, 2011

Patent Suits: Fifteen Here, Fifteen There, It Adds Up Quick

Microsoft already changes HTC a certain amount for each device it sells running on Google’s Android OS. Microsoft is in negotiation with Samsung to charge about $15 per Android device. Now, it looks like Oracle also wants $15 for every Android device sold directly from Google. And Oracle could also go after the device makers as well.

In a near-worse case scenario, each Android device can cost Google and the device maker $30 at the minimum.

Why did I say near-worse case scenario and not the worst case scenario? The worst case scenario is if Apple wins its patent suits against Android device makers. And Apple will not be asking for royalty payments. It will be asking for Android to stop infringing on its patents and device makers will need to take out features or find workarounds. And if they can’t find workarounds? Not being able to sell Android smartphones and tablets is the worst case scenario for Google.

Furthermore, it looks like Oracle has something it wants Motorola' to unveil. I am not an attorney so I don't understand why Oracle wants to specifically depose Motorola. Unless of course, Oracle is doing what Apple and Microsoft are doing with their patent suits: Oracle may start going after the Android device makers individually.

Source: Electronista.

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