Friday, August 5, 2011

Kindle Tablets Coming As Indicated By Amazon's Kindle Pricing

Amazon may be clearing out refubished Kindles to make room refurbished Kindle tablets or something to that effect.

According to Business Insider via SlashGear, this is a sign that Amazon is about to make room for a new upgrade or product.  And since all the talk these days are about Amazon's own tablet, that's where I'm placing my bet too.

The Wifi and 3G versions are now down to $100 and $130 respectively.  

Right now though, it's anyone's guess what Amazon's tablet will look like, what it'll do, and which version of Android it'll run on.  If it's got a Tegra 2 chip, we can pretty safely say that it'll run Honeycomb.  I would be deeply disappointed if it doesn't. 

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