Thursday, August 25, 2011

Netflix Now Working On Asus Transformer But Not Really? Honeycomb Tablet Fragmentation A Joke!

I thought this was big news until I actually read this Techcrunch post about Netflix being available on Asus' Android tablet, Transformer.  It's the Honeycomb version.  And I was initially very expected until I read that it works on some Honeycome tablets but not others.

What gives?

Insofar as I know, all Honeycomb tablets are virtually identical:  10" or so screen, Tegra 2 chips, and most other things are the same as well.  I find it irritating to say the least.

If Microsoft's Windows can run on a vastly different chipsets from AMD and Intel - one software that will work on chips from both companies, why can't Android do the same thing?

You know, I hope that Google really takes control of all things Android and show HTC, Lenovo, Samsung, and others just how to really build an Android phone and tablet.  And if some of these guys' feelings get hurt, go cry to Microsoft.

You don't deserve to be using Android.

Source:  Techcrunch.

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