Thursday, August 25, 2011

Despite Apple Distorting Image, German Ban of Galaxy Tab Upheld

German court upheld a Samsung Tab ban even after being presented evidence that Apple may have played fast and loose with an image of a Samsung Galaxy image. A final ruling on the case will take place September 9th. 

Also, a Dutch court yesterday sided with Apple and banned Samsung from importing Galaxy devices. 

However, not all is lost for Android fans. The order applies to Samsung subsidiaries in the Netherlands. And also because Apple neglected to apply their patents in many EU territories, the patents Samsung violated may not apply and provides wiggle room for the Korean tech giant to import into Europe.

The problem is that Samsung would need to retool its logistics to make it happen.

I continue to report on the patent war and other copyrights issue because of their fundamental importance to the mobile revolution that is taking place in our lives.  However, I have dedicated less and less time to this because it is getting a bit tiresome from the standpoint of a regular mobile warrior.

Source:  Macworld.

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