Monday, August 1, 2011

Google TV At $99 From Logitech - Good Deal But Wait For A Better Deal

Revue, Logitech's herald Google TV gizmo originally priced $250 to change TV as we know it, is now available for $99.  It isn't a case of Logitech or Google trying to made sure more of us have the opportunity to buy one because it is just so awesome.  Rather, Logitech is selling it at a loss to clear things out.  

It's hard to imagine that Logitech, despite its up-beat press release, is making a lot of money off it.  Ultimately, you have to ask if this is a good deal.  Definitely.  It has now matched Apple TV and its competitors at the $99 price entry.  Perhaps, we can even see it go even lower as soon as people realize there is a market for it.

But my recommendation to you if you don't already have one is to wait until an update comes from Google.  And then if it's still $99, jump on it.  Looking forward to see what apps are offered for the HDTV.  

Furthermore, if it's gaming you want, you might wanna make sure it works with your Android device.  Apple's Airplay is likely going to offer gaming capability.  I imagine something similar from Google.

Source:  Logitech.

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