Monday, August 1, 2011

Android Development Promised To Be Better

It's surprise to hear from a Google exec that Android development poses a challenge to developers and that Ice Cream could be a bit bitter.  Maybe it is small comfortable to developers but at least we know that Google is aware of the issue.  

Fragmentation was not a word used but that doesn't matter at this point.  It's likely the fact that Apple appeared to make the challenge of making an iOS app that works on both the iPhone and iPad seems effortless, to users, that caught the Android development community by surprise.

However, without specifics, we can only hope that Google will deliver.  I reckon that Apple's willingness to protect its patents in this field has Google scratching its head in trying to implement similar features that would allow an Android developer to make one app that works seamless and aesthetically pleasing across different screen sizes and resolutions.

Source:  TechCrunch.

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