Sunday, June 12, 2011

Google's iCloud Answer

Google will likely answer Apple's new iCloud offering though there is nothing that iCloud offers that is wanting on the Android.  However, Google out to offer additional mobile features that can help users get closer to their data, in particular, access to docs by way of a native app.

See, one of the things I am still somewhat old school.  And I like using services like Dropbox for local storage.  However, that is somewhat limiting.  With Google offering a music locker, it may just as well offer a locker for docs as well.  And it would be more welcoming than going through third party apps.  These days, it is difficult to know if something we use isn't out doesn't have malware.  

I would be more confident with a Google offering.  If Google wants somewhere to start, I'd point them to Evernote.

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pinop22 said...

i'm hoping to see more of the backup features that are in the icloud incorporated into gmail. Google already syncs my contacts and music, but what i like about the icloud is homescreen layout, apps, pictures and whatever else is backed-up. right now i have to use a third party app, with limited "cloud" space. itd be great to see those features on google.