Monday, June 13, 2011

Acer's Tegra 2 Tablet Now At $379 On eBay; $299-$350 by Black Friday?

This took sooner than I expected.  Acer's heralded Iconia tablet, which has the same same specs as the Xoom which is the same for all other Android tablets running Tegra and Honeycomb, is now $379 on eBay.  This is $20 cheaper than Asus's EEE Pad Transformer at $399.  

Initially, I had expected to see a $399 figure by Christmas but then Asus gave us the Transformer.  Perhaps, I was aiming too low.  Rather, I was not aiming low enough.  Maybe we can see $350 price points for 10" Android tablet by the Holidays season.  And who knows?  With Black Friday deals, maybe we'll see some craziness taking these powerful Android tablets running Honeycomb 3.1 down to $299.  

More at DailyTech.

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