Monday, December 27, 2010

Samsung Galaxy Player - Android For The Rest Of Us

Over at Onxo, I have blogged about my experience using and iSpot, basically a mifi dedicated to Apple's iOS device. In my case, I've been using the iSpot with the iPod touch and not the iPhone. Why? Because I don't think I like to pay the wireless providers, gatekeepers who only want to hand-cuff its users without innovation, and I believe the future of mobile computing and communication is through VOIP and video and telephony will go the way of the dodo.

For Android fans, there is finally an answer. Samsung will be unveiling a version of the Galaxy S without the telephone function and 3G antenna and rely exclusively on WiFi for wireless Internet access.

At CES next week, Samsung will introduce the Galaxy Player.

And of all the Android device makers, we really should have seen Samsung as the one to provide provide this mobile solution. Like Apple, Samsung with the Galaxy has a brand that is respected and known.

Maybe one day, we'll see a Droid without the 3G antenna and just a Wi-Fi only version but we don't know when that day will come or if it will come. Until then, there will be the Player.

I really like to see what Samsung has to offer and how it will be marketed to the end-users. I gather that many kids will snatch it up just like they do the iPod touch. And the timing is brilliant since the iPod touch will be out on the market for 4-6 months already and folks looking for something new will definitely consider the Player as their mobile device.

What's not to like? Near identical specs as the Galaxy S, great screen, 3MP rear camera and VGA frontal camera for video chats, 4" screen coming with 800x480 resolution, and comes in 8 to 32 GB of internal storage.

Source: Samsung Hub

Note: I spoke at length last last night with a friend about just such a device and I e-mailed him about it this morning when I learned about Samsung's plans for the Player. He's looking for something with a physical keyboard. And I'm looking for one with today's tech like Nvidia's Tegra 2. Hey, Motorola or LG, listen up. We're waiting for you to wow us with your own WiFi-only Android device.

A Droid that sells for $200 without 3G or Verizon will sell itself. A LG Optimus 2X san two-year contracts is just as enticing.