Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sony And Android Versus Windows Phone With XBox Live

You may have heard by now that Windows Phone 7 (WP7) will be connected to Microsoft's successful Xbox Live experience in a mobile manner.

Of course, Sony is also looking to merge its PSP brand with Android. That is to say that its PSP experience will run on top of Android.

Here's the difference and I'll let you decide what's good or not for Android. Microsoft owns WP7 as well as the Xbox Live brands. That means it controls the whole ecosystem. Anyone who wants to make devices for it will need to participate in the whole ecosystem to some extent. And who would want to have WP7 san the Xbox Live experience?

On the other hand, I see Sony's move to Android as a bet it all sort of maneuver. PSP is a recognized brand. I don't see Sony gaining much from this other than that folks can run PSP games as well as Android games. That would be terrific.

But what of developers who don't have access to the PSP catalog at all? Will they lose out? If you're EA or another developer, would you want to bring your game over to Android but only have it run on Sony's own devices but no on HTC, Droids, or the variants of Galaxy S? Or will you choose to develop it specifically for the Android and be sure that it runs on all devices?

Sony certainly brings a lot of energy to the platform and Google would like nothing more than to have a powerhouse like Sony, both as a gaming and hardware developer. But it might leave a few others feeling like they're second class.

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