Saturday, August 21, 2010

Android And G4 and New Mobile Tech

Right now, i am waiting for the next mobile device from T-Mobile that will support the forthcoming HPSA+ network, the upgraded 3G with much faster speed. But make mistake that this isn't 4G even as T-Mobile is trying to market this as "4G speed".

Still, it is Android, not iPhone, Windows Mobile, or Symbian that has a mainstream WiMax or HPSA+ ready device. And I expect that given the "joined at the hip" relationship Google and Verizon Wireless currently have, the first LTE phone will likely be an Android device. In fact, I fully expected the first LTE-ready tablet to also be Android-based.

This speaks well about the versatility of the platform and how the future will shape out. Steve Jobs' reality distortion field may charm the media into giving Apple a lot of goodwill but it'll likely be Android leading the way with new mobile connectivity and technology from here on.

Android devices aren't always perfect out of the gate. While Sprint's EVO is brilliant, early adopters has issues with the battery life and some operational quirks, it nevertheless was the first Wimax phone.

And with Google's financial clout, it'll probably able to make a lot of deals or buyouts. So, don't be surprise if the first devices to support near field communications for mobile payment. Don't be surprise if Android evolves into a mobile platform that relies more voice input. Also, I wouldn't be surprised to see Android lead the way with to be the first White Spaces device.

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