Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Android Needs To Improve On Intangibles

Android grew nearly 900% in the first half of 2010 and this is just the very beginning. The mobile market is still for the taking. However, in this rush, certain issues have come up and Google should use the opportunity to grow the market through means other than just adding new features.

Along with the news of the incredible growth was also the news of rampant piracy among Android users. And this is in light of the fact that Android users do no purchase as many paid apps as iPhone users.

Also last week, we find out how easy it is for app developers to access information that they had no need or use for. The situation was taken out of proportion by the media (yeah, wow, big surprise there) but the danger exists.

Also, Google needs to continue to make sure carriers and subscribers do not abandon users once the sale is made. Oh, and another thing about carriers. They have got to stop the nonsense with the bloatware. Or at the very least, allow users to develop what they don't need.

The Android camp has a lot to be proud of. Like a world-class sprinter, Android has shot out of the block but this race requires something of a long-distance runner.

And speaking of upgrades, I'm gonna chance the release candidate for Cyanogen 6, which is Android 2.2. I'll let you know know it goes. I am looking for better speed from this version of Android.

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