Tuesday, July 27, 2010

G1 And Android's Future

It all began with the G1, the very first commercially available Android. And today, we learn that there is a $150 Android based tablet and $99 netbook from Augen to be sold at Kmart. Of course, in between, there have been quite a few dozen more Android devices that have radically changed the mobile landscape.

I have a G1 as some of you may well know. And currently, I'm in the market for an upgrade. Two years ago in September, I got the G1 and I'm already eligible for an upgrade. What will I pick as my next mobile device you may ask.

Here likes the brilliance of the Android strategy devised by Google. There are tens of models to choose from that span all four of the major wireless providers. If I go with Sprint and its WiMax network, I can select the HTC EVO. Verizon. Droids of course. ATT and T-Mobile, I can go with the Galaxy S from Samsung.

That brought us to the present. And the future?

Netbooks and tablets in the footsteps of Augen? Probably not. I'm sure HTC and Motorola will have compelling offers.

Hardware is one thing but it is all up to Google to offer compelling innovations going forward. And believe me, I've been watching what RIM and Microsoft are doing and a resurgence or two is coming. No one stays at the top for long. Since 2007, the iPhone has changed the mobile market and few thought Apple could have done what they did with the iOS ecosystem.

However, Android looks like it is gaining a lot of momentum for the moment. And it all started with the G1.

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