Thursday, September 17, 2009

Facebook On Android Can Be Better

When I first heard Facebook released their app for the Android platform, I thought to myself, "I'm gonna install this once I get home". Then I realized "wait a sec. I've got my G1 with me. Duh!"

Well, I uninstalled it yesterday. It's a good app to be sure. A good and decent first try. FB gave us what we wanted: the newsfeed portion. But have you seen the iPhone version? Perhaps not. Some of you may have.

It's quite good. Excellent in fact. That goes for the previous version as well as the current FB app for the iPhone.

Again, it's not a knock on the Android version. I merely expected more. Until the next upgrade, I'm going to okay with the mobile Web version. Besides, since the current version is limited, any time you want to access other FB features, the app makes go to to the Web version anyway.

I'm sure it's a lot of work. FB likely gave iPhone priority given it's installed base and wants to make Cupertino happy. But for the next version, I want the following access:
  • Notifications
  • Chat
  • Inbox
Personally, I don't use FB for events, photos, or just to spy on my friends.

In fact, I have a suggestion for FB. Create a skin along the line of MOTOBLUR that may will experience once the Cliq becomes available soon. I'm not a developer but I think it's can be done. I'm the type who never say "never".

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