Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cliq Away On October 19th?

I couldn't resist.  My apologies.

You may know by now that the next T-Mobile Android device, the Motorola Cliq with MOTOBLUR, will be available to mobile warriors, even potential Pre and iPhone defectors, on October 19th for pre-order.  Delivery likely in November.  It's not a bad timeline consider that we're getting close to the Christmas reason in the US and, likely, elsewhere that follow the capitalist (some say religious) holiday.

ZDNet has a great review of the Cliq, one of the better ones in terms of details I've read.  One thing that has held me back is the build.  Many have said that it felt plasticky but ZDNet says otherwise.  Now, I don't know who to believe.

Putting that aside, they gave an awful lot of information in use and their hands-on experience with the Cliq.  And the more I think about it, the more I want it.  With the G1, it was rough around the edges.  Anyone who reads On Android knows my opinion on the G1, a good beta device that beats 99% of the devices on the market (fact that it runs apps in the background beats the iPhone, all three editions).

However, I never warmed to the G1 design with the rise on the left hand-side.  The Cliq doesn't have that build flaw though on the left side you're left to contend with the keyboard shifted to the right.

Before I decide, I'm gonna have to go in and check it out before I decide if it's worth upgrading to the G1.  I'm mainly excited about the widgets.  Even now, there are 3rd party apps that offer similar functions in the Marketplace but nothing as sleek and integrated as what Motorola came up with.

In my previous post about upgrading or not, my opinion on this matter stands.  If you're new to the Android scene, you're in for a treat with the Cliq.  If you're a G1 or MyTouch user, the decision is a lot tougher.

But you'll have until October 19th to decide if you're thinking about pre-ordering one.  If you're like me and want to check it out in person, you've got more time.  And who knows, perhaps, some other device will be available on the market like the WebOS-based Pixie from Palm.

Here's a video with the Cliq demo:

More on the Cliq at ZDNet.

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