Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Looking For Android Improvements In 2009

It's been over two months since I've been using the G1 as my primary mobile platform.  In general, I have to say it has thus far performed adequately.  Nothing fancy mind you.  It's not going to win any beauty contest.  There's a lot that the Android team can improve upon.  

I'm not talking about new features but about making existing features work easier.  I don't want to compare it to Windows Mobile or the iPhone but I do want to see it thrive within its own community in the sense that the Android supporters come up with suggestions and solutions.  

First, let's ask Google to make Marketplace more robust.  Get developers excited again.  Again?  Honestly, I don't know how excited developers are because the Marketplace isn't finished yet (it's still in beta) and it's difficult to know if folks are just holding back apps until they can start charging for them or not.  But one look at the MP from an user standpoint and you'll know what I'm talking about.  

Next, Docs for Android.  We want it now!  I do a lot of writing and some simple spreadsheet work.  I want Blogger to work natively either with the browser or as a standalone app.  

Thirdly, stability.  It's a beta copy of Android as far as I'm concerned.  Let's make it faster and more stable.  Also, I've been getting a lot of low memory warnings and I don't even have that many apps or data.  Something has to be done there.  

Now, I've got other stuff I want Android to improve on but I'm going to stop here for now.  I want to go ahead and make a few predictions based on Android handsets and initiatives coming out of Google for its mobile platform but we need to see more data and announcements before I'm willing to go out on a limb.  Even for fun.  

We might see something exciting at the CES in 2009 but so far Android announcements are thing.  I don't traffic in rumors so you'll have to go to the other sites for those on G2, G3, or whatever Moto and Sprint might be up to.  

Well, there is one last thing.  Something the Android community, including Google can learn from Apple this year.  Communicate.  Talk to us.  We're adults (sort of) and we can take it.  Apple kept a lot of folks guessing and created a thick fog of confusion.  Let's not do that in 2009.

So, what do you like to see happen with Android in 2009?  Let's compile a list and see about getting some attention with it.  We're not talking about giant leaps but paving a firm path on which we can travel.

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