Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Essential Apps So Far

There are not as many apps as we like in the Android Marketplace right now.  Let's not go comparing it to the iPhone app store.  We're not there yet.  Not even close.

However, there are a few apps that you definite have to have in your G1.  What are they?
  1. Hotspot Locator - T-Mobile's app that helps you locate hotspots and log you in directly.
  2. Video Player - it's a simply video player.  Nothing fancy.  It just works.  I've used MP4 because that's the format used on the iPod.  
  3. Budget Droid - it also "just works".  And it's easy and got a nice UI.  Something other app developers should take notice of.  
  4. CardioTrainer - again, nothing fancy here.  It just works.  It doesn't seem to record previous runs so I'm hoping future updates will provide more features.  
  5. ShopSavvy - it's a barcode scanner for products so you can find the cheapest price for it.  
  6. WikiMobile - with an always on connection, Wiki is only a few touches away.  I've used it many times already.
One of the thing I've noticed so far about the Android apps are they seem more like widgets you see on desktops than apps.  So far, there isn't as much depth as the ones I use on the iPhone.  But with time that should change.  
I've only been able to come up with the six apps above that I consider are must have.  There are few to-do apps but nothing enticing.  
I'll update the list as more apps are released by Google.
Honorable Mentions:  Bank Of America Mobile Banking.  It works as advertised but here's the thing.  You need to be banking with BofA.  

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