Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Who Should Make The Android Tablet

I am writing this post from my new iPad. I am also in the market for an Android tablet. But probably like you, who I am assuming to to get a dedicated mobile fan and Android devotee, have sethe nothing on the market that is compelling. Archos has made a valiant effort but no cigar. No iPad killer.

So I got to think. Why not HTC? Why?

One. HTC made the first Android device, the G1. Since then, Google entrusted the honor of making the Google phone, Nexus One, also to HTC. Here are probably a dozen or so Android and Windows Mobile devices on the market made by HTC.

Two. They also shows that they can out together pretty neat UI.

Third. They want to too be trusted by the consumers in the West. If they were to make a tablet to challenge the iPad, they would make damn sure that it has the mojos to back it up. That means making sure that the software is constantly updated. No nonsense about using Android 1.6 while 2.1 is available. Certainly, the design will also be top notch.

Sure, Motorola can also make a decent Android tablet but just because they hit it out of the park with the Droid doesn't mean lightning will strike twice. On the other hand, HTC has proven it has what it takes.

I think we are probably two to three months away from getting our hands on viable Android tablets, I will be waiting to make sure that I see what HTC has in stored for us before picking one up.

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