Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Android Conferences Needed Twice A Year To Excite Community

When it was just the G1, everyone knew that awas an Android device. Today, there are probably a couple of dozen Android phones on the market. More are released each month.

However, each release isn't generating the type of fanfare that the G1, Droid, and Nexus One seemed to enjoy.

Battle with the iPhone, WebOS, Blackberry, and WM has been joined but no one group is more vocal in their support than the iPhone camp.

This is why I think Google and its partners should create an annual or biannual conference to drum up excitement for the platform. Allow folks to showcase their programming kung-fu. Have a whole keynote dedicated to games. Even allow peaks at what developers are working on in terms of hardware and what the future holds.

Google can have two events a year. A big one in San Francisco and a smaller one that move from city to city each year. Why do I think this is necessary? Android is the hottest platform right now. But going forward as it becomes mainstream, it risks being marginalized as another mobile platform.

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