Monday, January 25, 2010

Google Quiet About Lousy Customer Service; Pretty Loud About Blaming T-Mobile

Today, the world in the Android realm is that the Nexus One issue was largely T-Mobile's fault and that was the gist of it.

Oh, by the way, says one Google employee, a patch is coming.  WTF?  Is it or is it not T-Mobile's fault?  Seriously, I'm not sure Google should be playing this kind of blame game.  It's beneath them.  They ought to own up to a faulty software or something that is of their doing.

Because why would a patch be forthcoming if it was T-Mobile's lackluster 3G coverage?  I have a serious problem with this.  And wasn't there an unofficial fix from JkOnTheRun?  Judging by the comments and on other sites, it seems to be more of a software issue than anything that was T-Mobile fault.

So, I think Google ought to look into this some more and be less readily to point the finger at T-Mobile.  As a matter of fact, Google should look into the lousy customer service for its Nexus One customers.  Oh, wait.  I'm sorry to folks who provide lousy customer services.  In Google case, calling forum help customer service would be dead wrong.

Google provides zero service in this regard.  Anyway, I'm glad a patch is forthcoming.  And here's the kicker.  What happens when the patch over-the-air is applied and suddenly Nexus One users are starting to see 3G coverage in areas where Google previously said there are not T-Mobile 3G coverage?

Wow, blows one's mind, doesn't it?

Note:  If you read T-Mo's comment section, many users are reporting 3G coverage in areas where the Nexus One are having 3G issues.  Google, please.

Another note:  For all the lousy 3G coverage that ATT provides for the iPhone, Apple has never once publicly blame ATT's network.  In fact, in today's financial call, Apple's Tim Cook said he reviewed ATT's plan for network upgrade in areas where coverage is lacking and they are confident in ATT's network going forward.  That's the best thing Apple has said about ATT in months.

More at T-Mo News.

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