Wednesday, November 4, 2009

T-Mobile Disruption Due to Coding?

95% Of us didn't know about it.  But 5% of T-Mobile customers experienced outage yesterday for a few hours yesterday afternoon into the evening.  Boy, I'd be really irked off if I was relying on my new tethering scheme with the G1 to check up on the election results.  But I wasn't.  But I'm sure some were. Okay, maybe not.

So, T-Mobile came clean today to tell us what happened.  Software.  Not hardware.  But it was because there was too many or too little zeros and ones.  Alright, I'm watching the World Series and Philly isn't putting up a lot of fight so far and I'm looking for things to say.

Anyway, the software blip caused "abnormal congestion on the network" and T-Mobile promised it'll never happen again.  But it sure makes one wonder about this a bit.  I'm sure it happened as T-Mobile said but I wonder if they had folks in place to watch out for things like this right from the beginning.

In fact, should this have happened at all?  We talk about our water distribution.  Our electrical grid.  And ports.  All vulnerable to attacks or sabotages.  No one has said as much about our wireless networks.

More at CNet.

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