Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Android Netbooks

Android would be a perfect OS for a netbook, wouldn't you think?  Okay, maybe not today given how I've bitched about the G1 and the beta feel to Android.  In fact, I've been getting quite a bit of app crashes of late.

But once a netbook manufacturer like Asus or Acer can get Android to work properly with power management, add a full  web browser like Chrome, you can be looking at a really mean and lean mobile platform that is competitive with the XP and Linux offerings on the market today. 

Once an Android netbook hits the market, users will already have access to hundreds if not thousands of apps available.

And good thing going for netbooks with Android.  Google has a good relationship with Sprint and is a WiMax supporter.  I wouldn't be surprise if the first Android netbook will support WiMax out of the box.  And if you didn't already know, Google is a white spaces backer. 

Today seems to be netbook days as I've posted at Onxo about a potential Apple answer to the netbook segment of the laptop market and Acer teaming up with ATT in providing subsidized netbooks.  But the trend is clear.  Mobility.  Wireless.  Googleness.  Well, the last one is a bit subjective and biase on my part.  So again, why Android netbook?
  • Strong alternative to XP. 
  • Made for mobility.  That means speed, power saving features, portability.
  • Google apps - this is especially useful for folks who live and die by Google.
  • Apps already available.
  • Cloud computing with Google. 
  • Push mail, Android marketplace, support for Google Docs
  • Wireless connectivity.  Wi-Fi, 3G, WiMax, white spaces, LTE. 
  • An expanded market for developers
  • Light weight device with great flexibility.

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