Sunday, October 19, 2008

Looking Forward to Amazon's Music Store on G1

I'll be getting my G1 tomorrow.  Hopefully.

The one thing that look most forward, among the other stuff that we ready know about Android, 3G, and the apps, I'm looking forward to using the Amazon MP3 store.

Here's why.

I've been so addicted to iTunes that it's difficult to break away from it.  It's a habit.  And the truth of the matter?  Apple has made it so freakin' easy to use.  Open up iTunes.  Look for what you want.  Download.  Listen to the music or upload to my iPhone or iPod.

I don't like that some of the music I bought has DRM and with Amazon, that won't be an issue.  Nevertheless, it remains to be seen how easy Amazon and Google has made this.

I'll have my review tomorrow.  And for better or worse, it'll be a review of an owner.

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