Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Post-Android News (Updated September 24, 2008)

The prudent thing is to wait a few days or even a week after an event we had this week with the introduction of G1 by Google and, really, T-Mobile to the world.

There was a lot of excitement.  But as the details came out, we feel less and less thrilled about what we see.  To begin with, the comparison to the iPhone was missing but there were subtle jabs at Apple's walled garden.  And Apple doesn't deny that.

However, to say that Android is open is not true at all.  There's spin so I don't want to call anyone a liar.  Let's face it.  It's Google OS for all intent and purposes.  Not all apps will be allowed on G1.  T-Mobile made sure VOIP, for one, does not make it onto the G1.

Then T-Mobile went ahead to cap the 3G access at 1GB.  It was only furor over such fine print that T-Mobile removed the statement and vague warned potential customers that we are still subject to speed bumps if we get in the way of them running a smooth 3G experience.

After some musing, I've decided to give the G1 another look.  I really want to see one in person and feel it in my hand before going ahead and order one.  I love the fact that Google has developed an OS and looks to change how mobile users work, play, and communicate.

Plus, Google is a formidable competitor in any arena they enter because they are young, hungry, and with deep pockets.  Google has been laying the ground work for Android to do well.  Look for multiple devices based on Android to hit the market.  G1 is just the first step.  We've mentioned before whoever makes apps work outside of mobile handhelds will have the potential gain customers outside of the customary smartphone market.

So, those are my thoughts.  Now, here are some from others across the political spectrum on mobility.

Thoughts in specs, features, and plans:
  • jkontherun on T-Mobile's 3G backtrack.  They are also suspicious.
  • Onxo on why T-Mobile was less evil today.
  • CNet's side-by-side comparison between the iPhone and G1. Some info already dated like the 1GB cap.
  • GigaOM thinks there's more to this T-Mobile spin about the 1GB cap.  This is like when Google tried to pull a fast one over us with the Chrome statement.
  • Silicon Alley Insider offers another perspective on T-Mobile's attempt to handicap Android.
Comparison with iPhone (it's funny, really.  Nokia, RIM, Palm, and Blackberry seem so irrelevant):
  • Gizmodo on comparing developing for our two favorite companies.
  • Onxo wants more than specs comparisons.  
  • TechNewsWorld says there are factors to consider in choosing.  
  • Engadget offers video comparison between iPhone and G1 and other G1 videos.
  • Gizmodo's post of all their posts.
  • iPhone Matters linked to InfoWorld to discuss SDK.
Those who think Android is subpar:
Those who think Android hit it out of the park:
  • SF Gate asks if Google is evil.  
  • Google's word on Android.
  • CNet doesn't think Apple, RIM, and Microsoft should  underestimate Android.
  • Android Guys compare G1 to Amiga.  
  • Phandroid offered a view and video from the perspective of an Android fan.
  • TmoNews on G1 unlocking and new data issues.
  • Engadget offers what they like or don't like about G1.
  • Symbian Freak asks if Android will put Symbian to rest.  Guys, this is Nokia with a lot of deep pocket too.  Oh, but it's Nokia.
  • Time believes Jobs is in danger of repeating history with Android.  Macdaily's pro-Apple rebuttal.
Those who think Google will have to work hard but are in the middle and news:
  • FT thinks there are a lot of players who will give Android a lot of competition.
  • LA Times thinks this will be a long long duel.  I agree.
  • Electronista reports Sony mulling Android.  This was not unexpected.  Android powered PSP, anyone?
  • Kotaku reports Gameloft will make games for Android.
  • Crunchgear reports Google offered final Android SDK to everyone, not just folks they like.  If you recall, they secretly gave certain developers a version of SDK not available to everyone.  I think Google did apologize for getting caught, not for the deed itself.
  • Wired on programmers who got rejected by Apple.  Not all are going to Android.
  • Android Guys on G1 shortcomings.  Good and honest.  Very fair.

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