Wednesday, October 30, 2013

5 Million Galaxy Note 3 Sold In A Month

Source:  Android Guys.

Samsung has sold 5 million Galaxy Note 3 - It's new flagship Android device that was poo-poo'd by many as too big and for having a stylus.  Having one myself and been using it for three weeks or so now, I can definitely say that it's a great device.

It's also an acquired taste.  But Samsung definitely did not copy anyone in making the Note line.  I think the Note has taken over as Samsung's flagship.  In fact, I think if Samsung introduced a Note mini, that might be an even bigger hit than the Galaxy S 4 or the upcoming S 5.

Personally, I've been using it as a media and surfing device.  I haven't gotten used to using it as a productivity device like I've done with other smartphones or tablets like the Nexus 7 where I use to blog and keep notes.

But for many, I noticed that they like to use the stylus to tap instead of their fingers.  And they really do use their stylus to jot down notes.  My only wish is that more people will support the stylus and come out with better apps than what Samsung offers.

Maybe Samsung should release a Note mini for those who find the Note 3 to be too big.  I think there is a massive appeal for just such a device.

Regardless, great work from Samsung with the Note 3.

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