Monday, September 16, 2013

Far, Far From Sexy But Droid Maxx - 3,500 mAh Battery Is All You Need To Know

Here's Engadget's Droid Maxx review.

It's not a sexy phone like the HTC One.  But the Droid Maxx in and of itself is a workhorse.  But so are some of the other higher-end Android devices.  I'll call those all a draw.

But there is only one thing you need to know:  it's battery life is awesome under heavy use.  "HEAVY USE".

I'm gonna make you click over to check out the numbers.  But the review did mention another device that a slightly better number.  Again, I'm not going to say anything because its their review.

Only that I'm excited about Nexus 5 that could be based on that phone.  Oops...

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