Friday, September 13, 2013

Could There Ever Be A Google Edition Of The Note?

I never thought about this until a friend mentioned that he was waiting for a Google Edition of the Note 3. I had assumed that was impossible. As far as I know, it still is impossible given that the pen implantation is entirely a Samsung thing.

I'll be getting my Verizon Note 3 hopefully in the early part of October rather than the latter.

I'm excited. I had thought about getting the Note 2 but at the time, I had too many gadgets already. And I wasn't impressive with the pen use. I'm not sure I will even on the Note 3. But with the 1020p screen and faster and better everything, nothing was gonna hold me back this year.

Once I get the Note, I am looking to mod it and make it as pristine as possible: pure Android devoid of clutter. I'm sure I'll likely lose the S Pen use.

I doubt I'll use it much at all to be honest. Which is why I think losing the pen function is worth it if the system becomes faster, Samsung not tracking me, and the battery life will last longer. However, it looks like some enterprising users have a solution separate from Samsung's.

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