Monday, July 23, 2012

Samsung's Flag Ship, Galaxy S III, Surpassed 10 Million Already

Source:  Androinica.

Samsung really had done it.  It's flag ship Android device, the Galaxy S III, has already surprised those of the Galaxy S II sales figure in a much shorter amount of time with 10 million units shipped.

This was a device that initially appeared underwhelming at its launch event but the Galaxy brand continues to grow on its own momentum.  In fact, the majority of Samsung's profit now comes from its mobile unit.  And I'm sure it's having a halo effect on the rest of its product lines.

For instance, the Galaxy Note on its own is doing very well despite having a stylus, which Steve Jobs said would be a failure.  I'm certain that the Note 2 will be an even bigger success.

And what Samsung has shown everyone is that devices of varying specs and screen sizes from 3 or so inches and up to around 5.5" will have takers - touch or stylus.

However, it remains to be seen just how the Galaxy and Google's Nexus as well as other Motorola assets can coexist.  So far, only Google's own devices have the first crack at new Android releases.

Love to see Samsung crack some carrier heads and allow quicker Android updates.

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Damon said...

It took forever to get to the US, but I’m glad I have one of the Galaxy SIII’s. With how well it performs for me, I’m not surprised that Samsung was able to sell so many. I wouldn’t trade mine for any other phone. A few Dish coworkers said that an LTE phone is something I should look into since the network is one of the fastest. I really like streaming my live and recorded TV to my phone through the Sling Adapter I have connected to my receiver at home. LTE goes perfectly with the GSIII. If their products are this good now, I can only imagine how great the next Galaxy S line will be in the future.