Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Red Hot Nexus 7 - $199, Priced To Be A Kindle Killa'!

It looks official.  I give you the Nexus 7.  Rather, it's Google.

Here are the yummies:

  • Asus as the Nexus tablet partner - strange that Samsung was not the go-to guy
  • 7"
  • Runs 4.1 Android with Chrome as browser
  • 1280x800 HD - wow, oh, wow... Samsung's 7" has 1024x600
  • Tegra 3 from Nvidia versus dual-core for 7" Tab
  • 12-core GPU
  • all of the other features you expect in a modern tablet to compete
  • 9 hours of video (Samsung Tab 7" Plus has 11.6 hours according to GSMarena)
  • 340 grams versus 345 grams the Tab 
  • $199 to ship in mid-July!!!  Kindle Fire also at $199 for 8 GB, 7" Tab at $350 for 16 GB
  • N7 has 8 GB as does the Fire with 7" Tab coming in at 16 GB
  • Frontal camera only like the Fire - explains the $199 price.

What happens now?  Amazon is definitely looking to respond in due time.  However, I wonder how Google's tablet partners like Samsung and HTC will react to this, nevermind how Apple's iPad and Microsoft's Surface will be affected by this monster tablet.

So far, 7" tablets are exclusively the domain of Android OS.  Just about every company that isn't Apple has a 7 to 8" tablet running on Android.  In fact, Samsung has the next largest share of the tablet market behind the iPad and it sells a quartet of Android tablets ranging from 7" to 10.1".  More if you count the 5" Galaxy Note as a tablet/smartphone hybrid.

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