Friday, April 6, 2012

Give Me a $250 Nexus Tablet Now!

It looks likes we'll have to wait quite a bit longer, two months or so, until we can get our hands on the rumored Google Nexus tablet.  Actually, I'm taking this off the rumor category and calling it as the real deal.  Initially, talk is that we'll see it in May but it now looks like it'll be well into summer before we can buy one.

Google is supposedly working with Asus on the Nexus tablet.  And the reason for the delay is largely due to attempts to lower the price to compete more directly with Amazon's Kindle Fire.  Is that really necessary?

No.  A couple of reasons for that.

First, This is Google.  It's brand is stronger than

Third, it'll be more powerful than the Fire.  Hence, it's worth the premium.  On top of that, it'll be a real tablet, not some storefront for Amazon.  Even if Google does release its tablet in May instead of July and cost $50 more, there will be tons of Android fans who will buy it, despite it costing more than the Fire.

Third, it'll be a real tablet.  I'm sure it'll run the latest and greatest Android tablet OS that Google can ship.  Meanwhile, Amazon forked Android and the Fire's OS is standing at 2.X.  Real tablet OS on the Nexus versus  a smartphone OS that is forked to pretend to be a tablet.

Again, the most obvious reason I can think of why Google wants to hit the $200 mark is that Fire is really taking it to the other Android tablets.  Could there be something else?  I reckon that it could also be looking to blunt any competitors.

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